Imagine a personalized approach.

Imagine targeted therapies as unique as you are.

Imagine relief within reach.

Our Approach

  • We offer high quality care but at one of the lowest prices in the city.
  • All our staff members have extensive experience in administering ketamine infusions.
  • We offer full time psychotherapy services (coming soon!) in addition to an emergency medicine physician overseeing all procedures.
  • We are the only clinic in Chicago run by a Palliative Medicine trained physician who focuses on improving the quality of life of both patients and their families.
  • We believe that a collaborative approach is the key to client success and look forward to working with your other providers to maximize your results.
  • Due to the uniqueness of our care team, we are able to offer a more holistic and well-balanced approach to patient care.

The Imagine Team

Rachel E. Norris, MD
Rachel E. Norris, MD

Dr. Norris, founder of Imagine Healthcare, is double board certified in Emergency Medicine and Palliative Medicine and has used ketamine in a variety of settings over two decades. As a member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists and Practitioners she understands the importance of continued education and training in the field.

"At Imagine Healthcare, we believe that in order to provide you truly individualized care it is important to get to know you as a person, not just a patient."
Chrissa Flannery, RN
Chrissa Flannery, RN

Chrissa is the Manager of Imagine Healthcare. She received a Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education and Administration from University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and her nursing degree from Moraine Valley. She enjoys building relationships with clients and has a true passion for nursing.

"Imagine Healthcare is a place to find mental, emotional, and physical health by finding the right tools needed and to walk you through your individual journey."
Meaghan Bindokas, Paramedic
Meaghan Bindokas, Paramedic

Meaghan is a licensed paramedic with experience in both emergency and clinic settings. She has been a patient care provider for ten years and has worked with ketamine for the last two. She most enjoys building strong relationships with her patients and ensuring they feel supported throughout their whole journey.

"At Imagine Healthcare we ensure that you have all the tools and support to be successful on your individual Journey!"
Heather Costello, MD
Heather Costello, MD

Heather, a long-time friend and colleague of Dr. Rachel Norris, is double board-certified in Emergency Medicine and Hospice and Palliative Medicine trained at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago. She has many years of experience in the emergency department and working in hospice. Her personal healing interests are rooted in mindfulness, yoga, exercise, and Buddhism, and is currently certifying to teach in both meditation and yoga.

"I am working for Imagine Healthcare because this clinic offers an incredible path to healing not found elsewhere in medicine. I am humbled to be a part of such a wonderful offering to those who are suffering."