Services: Ketamine

Protocols for Mood Disorders

The use of ketamine infusions to treat depression and anxiety disorders is an ever evolving field. It seems that there is a new article or study on the topic every day! For those new to ketamine, we start with an “induction” protocol which has traditionally consisted of 6 infusions over the course of 2-3 weeks and has proven to work well for many patients. Studies have shown that up to 70% of people have relief of symptoms after this initial series. However, those with a longstanding history of treatment-resistant depression or complex PTSD, for example, may require more infusions over a longer period of time in order to see sustained symptom relief. Since every person is unique, we will work with you individually to determine the protocol that will work best for your condition.

After completing the initial induction series the majority of clients require what are referred to as “maintenance” infusions. You should schedule your first maintenance appointment 3 weeks after your induction series is complete. However, we encourage you to call us if you feel that your symptoms are starting to creep back prior to this appointment.

Protocols for Chronic Pain

Ketamine works best on pain that is neuropathic and/or inflammatory in nature. Conditions such as CRPS are notoriously difficult to treat and those who carry this diagnosis may suffer for years before finding a treatment option that provides some relief. The initial induction series for CRPS is generally performed over multiple consecutive days and the dose is significantly higher than one would receive for mood disorders. Migraine sufferers, on the other hand, may not need such an intensive regimen. We will work with you and your other providers to determine the best course of treatment that will provide the longest possible relief.

As with mood disorders, most clients require maintenance infusions. You may need these once a month or once every few months. It’s hard to know for sure but our goal is to get you relief from your pain for as long as possible so you don’t need to come in frequently for infusions and can enjoy life outside of the clinic.