Chrissa Flannery, RN
Dr. Norris' Comfort Box :)

I just learned about Comfort Boxes or Self Care Boxes. It is a simple concept, easy to make, and a great resource for times when you start to feel your mood shifting. Most articles I have read about self care boxes describe them as a Mood First Aid kit. Since I come from working in the ER, I like this analogy! Suppose you slice your finger while making dinner. What do you do? You stop cooking and attend to your cut. You grab the first aid kit and apply a bandaid. We should really think about our mental health in the same manner. When you start to get low or feel anxiety coming on, stop what you are doing and reach for the comfort box! 

So what is in your comfort box?  It should be just as described... a box that is filled with items that comfort you. It is suggested that you fill your kit with at least one item that caters to each sense: Sight-  pictures or inspirational quotes, Hearing- favorite playlist, Touch- cozy slippers, silk eye mask, stress ball, Taste- dark chocolate or favorite tea, Smell- essential oils or candles. You can also include an activity- color books, journal, or  craft! 

We hope you have fun making your Mood First Aid kit! Keep it in close reach and use it when your mood slips. Head off that negative self-talk and rumination with positive activities. 

Take care of yourself- Chrissa