This is a concept that was introduced to me by my sister for weight loss. It has been proven that people who write down their daily intake of food and water lose more weight. It is easy to self report progress, but when you have to look at the truth on paper it is very telling. 

I found success with the habit tracker first with drinking my 64oz of water a day. Maybe you have seen my giant water bottle (see below for link if you are interested). I found that not only do I need the habit tracker, but being 
able to see and meet small goals throughout the day helps me reach the bigger goal. 

It also makes me accountable for completing my “habit tasks.” After I was successful with the water drinking I added things like taking my vitamins and starting one load of laundry a day (admitting that I have a low percentage on the laundry thus far). I haven’t gotten farther than this yet. It’s important to not overwhelm yourself. It is just a start to making good habits! 

You can purchase a habit tracker, make your own (use your journal from Imagine), or find an app. I would encourage you to choose the most accessible method. I found it worked best for me when I could check off the habit right after completion.

Click the link here for more information I thought this blog did a very nice job of covering successful tips for habit tracking. 

Good Luck and Peace!