My husband recently introduced me to the Japanese art of kintsugi which involves repairing broken pottery with gold bonding. Somehow I missed this lecture as an Art History major in college! The story behind it is a truly beautiful one. Instead of hiding an object’s imperfections, kintsugi embraces and celebrates them as a part of the object’s history. The plate or bowl is not thrown away but instead made stronger and more beautiful through repair.

The world breaks us all. But it is our imperfections that make us who we are and in them we can find great strength. We don’t give up on people because life has dealt them a blow. At Imagine our aim is to help mend the damage that life has inflicted, allowing our clients to see themselves in a new light.

Our beautiful bowl was created by local artisan, Brian Ohlsen, of The Broken Bowl Project. 10% of profits are donated to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and The National Children's Cancer Society. Thank you, Brian, for your incredible art and spirit!