“What’s the story behind the bird?”

Apr 5, 2021
Rachel E. Norris, MD
Dr. Norris

I would love to tell you that I came up with Imagine’s logo all on my own but that’s most definitely not the case. I’ve been lucky enough to have some incredibly talented individuals working with me to bring the clinic to life. Sylvia Tamashiro, who designed the logo, initially presented me with some wonderful designs to choose from. With the origami bird she was playing on a few different themes - “The bird in flight symbolizes freedom while its stylized star shape plays into the idea of imagination”. Once I heard that, the decision was easy. Origami bird it is!

We hope that our clients can find freedom from the symptoms that hold them back from living the life they want and imagine for themselves.

“Please, not another diet!”

Mar 25, 2021
Chrissa Flannery, RN

March is National Nutrition Month. Who knew? I have taken an interest in my own nutrition as of late after a subpar report from routine lab work. My physician kindly stressed the importance of being “healthy.” Here we go again...the diet talk.

Much to my surprise this is not what she presented. She told me I have the power to make good choices. This was a very positive message. It changed my thinking altogether. This didn’t have to mean a life of restrictions. With each bite I could make a choice - a delicious and nutritious choice.

There are so many resources out there that I didn’t even know about. Attached are some links to explore below. Just as you made the brave step to start your mental wellness journey, dare to take another step toward physical health too. The mind and body work together. Treat yourself well!

Check these out:

Ketamine for Mood Disorders

Feb 22, 2021
Rachel E. Norris, MD
Dr. Norris

At Imagine Healthcare we emphasize a team approach to care. The treatment of mood disorders with ketamine is complex and requires the input of all members of the team to ensure that your experience is as safe and effective as possible. Your team includes not only the staff at Imagine Healthcare but may also include your primary care provider, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, or other specialists who know your history and can contribute significantly to your healing.

Before we are able to administer ketamine, we must first determine if it is safe to do so from a medical standpoint and if you are a good candidate for treatment. We will not recommend this treatment unless we believe you could benefit or if we believe it could potentially cause more harm than good. During the initial consultation, you will undergo a thorough medical screening process as well as a mental health assessment. Following this consultation, and with your permission, we will consult and collaborate with your providers and, in some cases, we may ask you to undergo lab testing.

We have heard from some clients that they have “tried” psychotherapy but it’s “not for them” or “it didn’t work” and we understand these frustrations. However, because ketamine infusions are a unique experience and vastly different from any traditional treatment modality for mood disorders, we feel that undergoing such a therapeutic journey without a guide is unwise and not something we endorse. If you are not currently under the care of a psychiatrist and/or psychotherapist we are happy to refer you to a mental health provider. We feel it is our duty to optimize your chance of success.

While we recognize our responsibilities as providers, the most important member of the team is YOU! We will do everything we can to support you on your journey and ensure your treatment is done safely but in reality, we are only providing a tool in helping you to build better mental health. Ultimately it is up to you what you do with the tool. Unfortunately, ketamine is not the right tool for everyone. If this is the case we will work with you and your other providers to find an alternative. However, if you do notice positive mood changes with ketamine infusions then it is important to build on this foundation outside of your time at Imagine. This may mean additional time working with your therapist, journaling, meditating, exercising – doing those things that will strengthen and further solidify the new neural connections that ketamine has helped to establish and to improve your overall quality of life.

We at Imagine Healthcare look forward to being part of your team!