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Hello! I'm Elizabeth Selph, LPC, MBA, MA. Therapy is about providing professional support to help you
work through whatever prevents you from experiencing the freedom of emotion and choice. Sometimes our cultural, familial, and social experiences cause us pain we don’t know how to process which stops us from living fully and freely. Sometimes our patterns and ways of responding interfere with making levelheaded sense of our experiences. Sometimes we need help sifting through our thoughts and emotions to get clarity. Recovery from depression, whether from a chemical imbalance or in reaction to life, is a healing process.

I specialize in depression, anxiety, trauma, and feeling “other than.” My focus for me is on helping patients recover their sense of self, and reclaim their life whether is from life transitions or stressors, traumatic events, or emotional crises. Another area of focus is foreign nationals who struggle culturally with identity (i.e. third culture).

I help you work through your emotions, learned patterns, and ways of responding that cause discomfort, conflict, and pain so you can experience a sense of emotional flexibility and resilience. So often, bringing awareness to those parts of ourselves that we protect from others (for good reasons) can unlock our greatest gifts and sense of freedom.
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