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Introducing Dave Evans

January 21, 2022
Hi, I’m Dave Evans. I am a therapist and avid student of human nature and relationships. I’ve been working in mental health and human services since 1980 (that probably makes it sound like I’m pretty old, but because of my immaturity, that math all works out pretty well!) I’ve worked with families, couples, and adults of all ages, in psychiatric hospitals, community agencies, clinics, as well as in private practice settings. I have had extensive training in mindfulness approaches, systems and couples therapy, and especially enjoy working with those affected by trauma and disrupted attachment.

I’m especially grateful and excited to be with Imagine Healthcare. In therapy practice, I like to focus on ways people can seek and facilitate their own healing through mindful living, self-discovery, and developing deep levels of self acceptance and love. Much of our suffering originates in disconnection from our true selves, and this can be worsened greatly by the effects of trauma, stress, and adverse life circumstances. My work with clients centers around building balanced, healthy attachment with self and others. I’ve been intrigued by the idea of psychedelic-assisted healing for a long time - this avenue of soul care is an ancient treasure, nearly lost in the advance of “science” and legal sanctions in the last century or so. As I continue to learn and grow in my practice of the healing arts, the study of psychedelic medicine is yet another fascinating realm of soul care I am fortunate to pursue.

Having worked in this field in many settings, I can say the mission and model of care being created here at Imagine is special, and refreshing. I’m proud to be part of this top-notch team of dedicated, highly skilled clinicians who genuinely care about each person. What is extended to you is personal, compassionate, and whole-human centered. Welcome to an open-hearted experience of mental, emotional, and life care.

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